Here’s a bit of fun for you! We love a good Murder Mystery at Big Monty Productions and so we’ve decided to put together a little quiz for you. See if you can work out any of these answers. Be warned! A few of these are quite tricky!



murder mystery iced tea

[toggle title=”Two girls, Hannah and Justine, had dinner together. Both girls ordered iced tea to go along with their meals in  judi online terbaru. Hannah drank her iced tea very fast and had finished five glasses in the time it took Justine to drink just one. Justine died and Hannah survived. All of the drinks were poisoned. How did Hannah, who drank the most, survive?”]THE POISON WAS IN THE ICE[/toggle]


knife murder mystery

[toggle title=”This guy murders his wife with a knife whilst they were in their car. Nobody was around to see it. The guy chucks her out of the car being careful not to leave any fingerprints on his wife’s body. He then throws the knife off of a cliff into a gorge where it will never be found and he goes home gadun slot88. An hour later the police call him and tell him that his wife has been murdered and he needs to come to the scene of the crime immediately. As soon as he arrives, he is arrested. How did they know he did it?”]HE NEVER ASKED THE POLICEMAN WHERE THE SCENE OF THE CRIME WAS, SO THEY KNEW THAT HE HAD MURDERED HIS WIFE.[/toggle]


rich people murder mystery

[toggle title=”A rich man is found murdered on a Sunday morning inside his mansion. His wife calls the police, who question the wife and all house staff. These were their alibis: the wife says she was asleep, the butler was cleaning out the cupboard, the gardener was picking flowers, the maid was getting the mail, and the cook was preparing breakfast for everyone. The police arrest the murderer straight away. Who did it and how did the police know?”]THE MAID! NO MAIL IS POSTED ON A SUNDAY[/toggle]


murder mystery flames

[toggle title=”A murderer is condemned to death. He get the choice of three rooms: the first is full of angry flames; the second has shooters with loaded guns; and the third, lions who haven’t eaten in years. Which room is the safest?”]THE ROOM WITH THE LIONS BECAUSE THEY WOULD HAVE NOW DIED OF STARVATION[/toggle]


murder at the red wedding

[toggle title=”You have a gun with 5 shots in it and a knife. There are 99 other people in the room. How many people can you kill without leaving the room (no windows.)?”]100 – YOU COULD KILL YOURSELF AS WELL![/toggle]


cottage murder mystery uk

[toggle title=”A man lives alone in a small cottage. He had everything delivered to his cottage as he was partially handicapped. One Thursday, the mailman was delivering a letter to the cottage and he noticed that the front door was slightly open. Through the opening he could see the man’s body lying in a pool of dried blood. When a police officer arrived he inspected the scene. On the porch were two bottles of warm milk, Monday’s newspaper, a catalog, flyers, and unopened mail. The police officer suspects it was foul play. Who does he suspect and why?”]THE POLICE OFFICER SUSPECTS THE NEWSPAPER DELIVERY PERSON. THE ABSENCE OF TUESDAY’S AND WEDNESDAY’S NEWSPAPER INDICATES THAT THE DELIVERY PERSON KNEW THERE WAS NO ONE THERE TO READ IT.[/toggle]


chalk murder mystery

[toggle title=”A dead man is found at the bottom of a building with several floors. Seeing the position of the body, it’s fairly obvious that the person jumped from one of the floors, killing himself. The police are called and they send their top investigator to take a look at what happened. He goes to the first floor and walks in the room facing the direction in which the body was found. He opens the window in that direction and flips a coin towards the floor. Then he goes to the second floor and repeats the process. He keeps on doing this until he reaches the last floor. Then, when he climbs down he tells the team that it is a murder not suicide. How did he come to know that it was a murder?”]NONE OF THE WINDOWS WERE LEFT OPEN. IF THE PERSON JUMPED, WHO CLOSED THE WINDOW? [/toggle]

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