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Great Night at Duke of Gordon, Kingussie

Dear John


What a gala night we had.       It was a sensational show…….THE VERY BEST


I have 96 very happy chums who can’t stop talking about the hilarious fun evening.


I thank you all for such a wonderful time – you worked amazingly hard to make it all happen.



Marsh Farm – Extra Dates – 17th August

Due to huge demand, we are very happy to be able to add an extra date at Marsh Farm Hotel, Royal Wootton Bassett on the 17th August.

Watch this space for show details!!

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Big Monty made another very successful return visit to The Duke of Gordon Hotel in Kingussie. Always a pleasure to go up and see the delightful staff and the fabulous audiences. Planning our next visit already. Comments ranging from ‘Hilarious’ to’ we’ve been to murder mysteries before but nothing comes close to this’! Many thanks and see you soon.

Children’s Party Theme 9-12 Years Old Quest for the lost Idol

The murder mystery genre is as popular as ever with Poirot, Miss Marple and CSI filling our tv screen every night and this popularity isn’t confined to just adults. Children have always liked solving mysteries, just think back to Scooby Doo, the Famous Five and other favourites.
The 9 – 12 year old age group can be a challenging one to party plan for. Ensuring that the entertainment is delivered both appropriately and yet with an essential level of maturity can be tricky. With this in mind our Detective Quest party appeals on many levels. It is entertaining and fun with a variety of both mental and physical challenges to stimulate and amuse both boys and girls.
Our professional actor playing Detective Lauren Order enters the party venue announcing that the lost idol of Machu Pichu has been stolen from the British Museum and enlists the assistance of the children to help find the clues, solve the mystery and discover the culprit.

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Introducing the Newest Member of the Big Monty Team

We are happy to announce the newest member of the ‘Big Monty Production’ team, Sebastian Gabriel Byrne, born 26th February 2014 and already making his presence felt.

Hen Nights

The term “Hen party” evolved with the sexual revolution in the 1960′s and the idea of gender equality. The idea of the bachelor party or “Stag night” as it is more commonly referred to in the UK goes back centuries and historically was a party the bridegroom gave for his friends prior to his wedding.

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