The murder mystery genre is as popular as ever with Poirot, Miss Marple and CSI filling our tv screen every night and this popularity isn’t confined to just adults. Children have always liked solving mysteries, just think back to Scooby Doo, the Famous Five and other favourites.
The 9 – 12 year old age group can be a challenging one to party plan for. Ensuring that the entertainment is delivered both appropriately and yet with an essential level of maturity can be tricky in gadunslot. With this in mind our Detective Quest party appeals on many levels. It is entertaining and fun with a variety of both mental and physical challenges to stimulate and amuse both boys and girls.
Our professional actor playing Detective Lauren Order enters the party venue announcing that the lost idol of Machu Pichu has been stolen from the British Museum and enlists the assistance of the children to help find the clues, solve the mystery and discover the culprit.

An evidence board is set up with a number of known criminals and information about each one.
First the group has to hone their observational skills with some appropriate games and then the real sleuthing begins.
Working as an overall team but split into small groups the children will be given codes to break, forensic evidence to analyse and problems to solve.


The actor will give as much or little help as needed to guide the group through the tasks and when they have solved the mystery they will be rewarded with a sweet filled piñata of the Lost Idol.
This party is perfect for children aged 9-12 years of age who love a challenge and want to have fun, whilst being intellectually stimulated simultaneously.